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FSC® Certification

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international, non-governmental organisation founded in 1993 to promote responsible use of the world's forest and to establish a trustworthy wood labelling scheme. There are national working groups of the FSC in 28 countries including the U.K.

Forests are inspected by the FSC against strict standards of stewardship. The FSC system is unique and it ensures that a forest is well managed, from the protection of indigenous peoples' rights to the methods of felling trees. A forest meeting their standards is given FSC certification.

The timber is then tracked- the FSC call this their 'Chain of Custody' - through invoicing to end-user. For the paper industry, this mean that an FSC certified product, like Concord Display Board, must be made using FSC certified pulp from an FSC certified forest. The responsibility is shared and passed down the line of production to arrive in our customers' hands, proudly bearing the FSC label.

Products such as Concord Display Board are now available as FSC certified products. Nothing has changed; the quality is still fantastic and the price is as competitive as ever. The only difference is an ongoing commitment to environmentally responsible production.

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