At our company we run a fleet of vehicles which service our customers up and down the country. We have tracking devices on the vehicles and a web based tracking system supplied by Mixtelematics. This means we know exactly where our lorries are at any given time.

It is also possible to replay journeys and establish which customers have been visited and what time via the reporting suite running in the background.

The system runs in conjunction with Google Earth and, although it sounds quite hi-tec, it is actually very easy to use.

Moving forward with this system we are going to introduce driver identity tags, where the driver keys into the system so we know who has driven what vehicle and looking further ahead it will be possible to generate reports that analyse vehicle efficiency, fuel consumption and driving/break analysis.

All of this means that we can be more effective in terms of supplying the customer and also be more efficient in terms of fuel consumption and general vehicle utilisation.

The price of fuel is a significant cost for a distribution business so making  the absolute best use of its fleet with the assistance of such a system will help us to continue to offer a cost effective and first class flexible service.