We consider ourselves experts in large format conversion and press ready substrates for all aspects in the point of sale industry.

In the early years it was large format presses which then evolved into the super large "in-line" machines up to 1700mm x 2600mm, next came the introduction of the UV curing digital presses which required us to raise the bar again particularly in presentation of the materials.

Now most recently the offset litho market has arrived on the scene, which we have embraced and with all the learning over the many years through this evolution you can order with confidence that we can deliver you press ready large format materials.

The combination of mill sourced products off the shelf and our conversion department's ability gives us an unprecedented multilayer approach to supplying our customers on time in full papers, boards and plastics.

  • Bespoke pallets that can be made in 48 hours.
  • Large stocks of standard pallets ready for materials to be converted onto include 1067x1575, 1250x1850, 1510x2050 and 1600x3200.
  • Vast experience within sales and operatives combine to enable us to provide the customer with press ready converted substrates for large format Screen, Flat bed digital or Large format offset litho.
  • We have an ever growing range of top branded substrates which have been converted at source to fit the newest large format offset machines in 1067x1575, 1250x1850 and 1510x2050.