Our slitter rewinder is ideal for the smaller converter of vinyls, laminated materials, plastics, films, foams, rubber, textiles, etc.

The combination of the Pasqauto SVL and TE together allow running of jumbo rolls of materials to be sheeted at full speed. This allows the machine to sheet a 500mm length at up to 40 cuts per minute with a tolerance of +/- 0.5mm sheet length. This high accuracy machine eliminates the need for guillotining after cutting.

Rewinding facility on front of machine. Using this facility we are able to slit the master rolls into width and rewind onto 2 shafts to the required length.


Max Unwind Roll Diameter 1500mm

Max Unwind Roll Weight 1500Kg

Max Unwind Roll Width 1700mm

Core sizes 3"and 6"

Auto air brake controlled by roll diameter

Dancer rolls to ensure correct tension and speed between unwind and sheeter.


Max Roll Width 1700mm

Min Sheet Length 50mm

Max Sheet Length 99,999mm

Slitting system with 5 pairs of rotary knives